Presentation of my latest book “Patagonia and its Spirit” at the Museo de Bellas Artes (museum of fine arts) in Buenos Aires on November 15th 2023

To shoot the striking images of her last extraordinary book “Patagonia and it’s Spirit”, with texts by biologist Anibal F. Parera, and published by Ediciones Lariviere, Jasmine Rossi swam with whales and sea lions, climbed the highest mountain, experienced the lush impenetrable forests, befriended penguins and was stuck in the icy, stormy seas (with gale-force winds) of the treacherous Strait of Magellan. She also lived in the rudimentary shack of a Patagonian gaucho for two weeks and was struck by “horizontal vertigo” in the endless, barren, Patagonian plains.

In a packed auditorium of over 400, the presentation of this latest fantastic book, was filled with anecdotes of her travels in the southernmost part of the world and images of her fantastic, sometimes lonely and perilous journey.

Christina Carlisle, head of Christies Argentina