The Human Element

“This is not about saving our planet, its about saving ourselves. The living world will endure; we humans cannot presume the same.” Sir David Attenborough

“The Human Element” explores the relationship of humans with nature. By placing a naked, defenceless man inside a harsh, empty landscape, the series explores the fragility of us human beings -- naked as we are born - and highlights our inherent need for a healthy, benevolent planet that provides, protects and nurtures us. The Human Element juxtaposes the dependence of us humans on the planet with the capacity of the planet to exist perfectly well by itself. “The Earth doesn’t need humans but humans need Earth”. We are so fragile and vulnerable, yet in our oblivion we feel so powerful. The series tells the story of a coming of consciousness of a man, naked and alone, who gradually comprehends how much he needs Mother Earth and how benevolent she can be if he exists in harmony with her. Is this naked human being the first man on a new planet or is he indeed the Last Man on Earth?