Patagonia, as remote and untamed as it is beautiful and unfamiliar, is also known as “the uttermost part of the earth” as it lies on the last tapering segment of the South American continent, closer to Antarctica than any other part of the world.

This land of legend between two oceans, - the Atlantic and the Pacific, stretches over a million square kilometres. Blessed with isolation, fierce and unpredictable winds, and desolate terrain, the region still boasts the same species Magellan saw when he first sailed along its coasts in 1520, and the same landscapes and animals Charles Darwin's expedition found three centuries later. Patagonia continues to be one of the last great frontiers in today’s shrinking world.

The alienation of man from nature is the leitmotif in all of Jasmine Rossi’s work. Her Patagonia images show the world as it must have been over millions of years, a world in which humans have no place. The result is a portfolio that expresses nostalgia for one of the last great frontiers in today’s shrinking world.

Winter Twilight

End of the Andes

Mapuche Dawn


Mapuche Winter

Mapuche Dawn III

The Drive

The Endless Steppe

In solitary

The Endless Sky

Big Chill